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Managing resources and operations to provide long-term public and environmental benefits. We focus on:

  • Outperforming regulatory requirements
  • Basing decisions on reducing our "net environmental impact"
  • Fostering a culture of conservation and recycling
  • Increasing energy efficiency through use of alternative energy sources and innovative technologies

SAG Informational Newsletters

HRSD's employee Sustainability Newsletter - includes articles on projects HRSD is or has pursued to provide long term environmental benefit, as well as articles on ideas to take home.

HRSD's Sustainable Initiative Projects

The projects below are either planned, in progress, or completed and are considered to be sustainable initiatives:

Each fiscal year, HRSD puts together an annual carbon footprint report. Below is the most recent report, which compares HRSD to a wastewater entity that is similar in size.

HRSD Fiscal Year 2013 Carbon Footprint Report (pdf)

Upcoming Events

Join HRSD or create your own team for the following volunteer events, and help make a positive impact on the environment in your community:

And remember; Hampton Roads is surrounded by beautiful rivers and wetlands that need our help in preserving and restoring for future generations. Check out other great events and workshops provided locally, and do your part to make a difference!

Photo Gallery

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Contact Information

For additional information or to share your comments, please e-mail or call 757-244-1671.


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