County and Town of Surry Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is HRUBS?
HRUBS (Hampton Roads Utility Billing Service) is a cooperative and cost-effective billing service provided by HRSD and participating localities. Currently, Chesapeake, James City, King William, Norfolk, Smithfield, Suffolk, Surry and Urbanna participate in HRUBS. Through HRUBS, customers receive one combined bill for water, wastewater and related public services rather than multiple bills. HRUBS benefits participating localities by providing bill printing and payment processing at no cost. Surry residents will receive one bill for water and sewer collection and treatment.

What changes should I expect?
The look of your bill will change, and you will be able to receive a paper version or opt to receive your bill electronically. You will also have multiple payment options. You can conveniently pay your bill online, including autopay, or by text. Click here to view a sample of the new bill.

Will HRSD be in the area?
HRSD trucks will be in the area and may be in your yard and/or driveway gathering meter location information and data needed for billing. In Surry County, this service was previously contracted to the Sussex Service Authority (SSA) for the Town of Dendron and surrounding areas and HRSD has continued that relationship. HRSD will perform these duties within the Town of Surry.

How will I be billed?
Beginning in November, you will receive a bill every month from Hampton Roads Utility Billing Service (HRUBS) for your water and wastewater collection and treatment service.

The rate for wastewater collection and treatment in both Surry County and the Town of Surry is $12.03 per 1,000 gallons. The minimum bill (3,000 gallons monthly water usage) for wastewater treatment and collection is $36.09.

Does HRSD offer a flat wastewater rate?
Yes, you have the option of being billed a flat rate of $48.12 per 30-day period for wastewater collection and treatment. The flat rate option means you’ll pay the same amount each 30-day period regardless of water consumption.

How do I report a problem?
If you should need to report a problem with any of the pipelines, pump stations or the plant now being operated by HRSD, please refer to the following:

For local sewer issues:
During Business Hours
After Business Hours
Town of Surry

How do I learn more?
To learn more about HRSD and our services please visit, where you can also register for online bill payment after receiving your first printed bill in the mail. If you have questions or would like to speak with one of our Customer Care Representatives, you may call 757-460-2491 or you may send an email to

What wastewater/sewer services are billed through HRUBS?
The HRUBS bill includes sewer services and wastewater treatment charges from HRSD. Sewer services recover the costs of operating and maintaining the sanitary sewer. The sanitary sewer system is a series of underground pipelines that transports wastewater (used tap water) to the treatment plants so that it can be cleaned to a high quality before going into our local waterways.

How is the amount of the wastewater treatment charge determined?
For customers who choose not to use the flat-rate billing option, HRSD's wastewater treatment charge is based on the amount of water used per billing period. For each billing period, the water supplier reads the water meter and provides HRSD with the total amount of water consumed for that period.

How do I establish or cancel my account with HRSD?
Your account is both established and terminated through your water supplier (for most customers, this is your local utilities department). Your water supplier will update your account information and then provide it to HRSD.

My water was turned off because of bill nonpayment. How do I get my water turned on?
When your HRSD or HRUBS account is past due, your water service may be turned off. To have water service restored, your bill must be paid in full, including any delinquent service charges. Payments can be made online at, over the phone at 757-460-2491.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Online Services and Your Bill

When can I register to receive my bill online?
You can sign up at once you receive your first bill. Click on "Manage My Account" and follow the onscreen directions. This convenient service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What information do I need to register or make a payment?
You will need your HRSD/HRUBS account number, name and the financial institution routing and account number or the credit or debit card you wish to use.

Do I have to register for e-Bill in order to make a payment online?
No. You may make one-time payments without registering for e-Bill.

Do I pay a fee for the convenience of using these services or my credit card?
No. Customers do not pay a fee for using e-Bill or making a one-time payment.

Can I use my financial institution's bill payment service for my HRSD/HRUBS bill?
Yes. You can pay your HRSD/HRUBS bill using this method.

Why is the mailing address for payments an out-of-state address?
Checks are sent to a lockbox, which is a centralized payment processing center that uses specialized technology to quickly process payments and apply them to accounts.


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