HRSD is a member of the Virginia Biosolids Council. Click here to learn more about biosolids, the nutrient-rich organic materials that result from the additional treatment of wastewater.

Agricultural Application of Nutri-Green® Biosolids

HRSD has been successfully recycling Nutri-Green® biosolids to farmland in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake for more than 30 years. Approximately 1,500 acres receive the product each year. Nutri-Green biosolids typically are used to grow corn, small grains and soybeans. The product provides slow release nutrients and is beneficial to the environment. It decreases farmers' dependence on chemical fertilizers and helps reduce runoff of nutrients to surface waters. In addition, recycling Nutri-Green® biosolids helps farmers save money and increases crop yields.

Nutri-Green® biosolids application rates are calculated based on the crop's nitrogen requirement and the soil's productivity. A nutrient management plan is developed for each farm receiving the product to ensure the proper amount of nutrients are applied.

Biosolids have been thoroughly researched by top scientists at leading scientific institutions all over the world. They have been found to be safe to human health and the environment when processed and applied properly. The U.S. EPA and the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality have established regulations that ensure the safe use of biosolids.

HRSD monitors the Nutri-Green® biosolids on a regular basis to ensure a high quality product is continuously produced. All Nutri-Green® biosolids generated by HRSD and applied to farmland are in compliance with federal, state and local regulations.

The link below takes you to a brochure that provides more information on our program, including answers to frequently asked questions. For additional information please contact 757.460.4250 or

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