Forms and Certificates

HRSD offers a variety of forms and certificates for our customers' convenience. Our staff will be pleased to provide the documents you need.

  • Swimming Pools - Single-family pool customers click here for more information. Commercial and Multi-Family Residential pool customers click here.
  • Deduction Meters - Click here to learn about a deduction meter policy change.
    Customers who registered deduction meters before July 1, 2009, must provide their deduction meter reading EVERY billing period. To ensure the maximum deduction, customers should submit their reading FIVE TO SEVEN DAYS BEFORE the scheduled meter read date. (The meter read date can be found on your bill, and generally falls on or about the same day of the month for each billing cycle.) Deduction meter readings submitted after the meter-read date will not be reflected for that billing cycle. If more than one deduction meter reading is received during a billing cycle, only the last one received will be used to calculate the credit. After receiving the deduction meter reading, HRSD will make the appropriate reduction in billed consumption, which will be reflected on the next bill. The bill will not be reduced below the minimum charge listed in the HRSD Rate Schedule. Please submit your name, submeter service location, meter reading, date of reading, meter number, and account number. This information can be faxed to (757) 464-9449 or e-mailed to Customers can also report by phone to (757) 460-2491 (Southside), (757) 877-2019 (Peninsula), or 1-888-ASK-HRUBS.

    For additional information contact the Customer Care Center:

Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention

  • Certification Statement
    Contact Mike Martin: or (757) 833-1750 
  • Industrial Waste Enforcement Response Plan
    Contact Kevin Heitzhaus: or 
    (757) 460-7042 
  • Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit Applications
    Contact Chris Carlough: or (757) 460-7048 
  • Industrial Wastewater Discharge Regulations 
    (including COD:BOD ratio chart, SNC criteria, zero discharge pollutants, and TO list)
    Contact Kevin Heitzhaus: or (757) 460-7042 
  • Permitted Industries Meter Certification Form
    Contact Craig Forbes: or (757) 460-7043 
  • Signatory Authorization Form
    Contact Mike Martin: or (757) 833-1750 
  • TTO Certification Form
    Contact Craig Forbes: or (757) 460-7043


BOD - Biochemical Oxygen Demand
COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand
SNC - Significant Noncompliance
TO - Total Organics
TTO - Total Toxic Organics

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