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Street Closure Review Process | VDOT or Locality Roadway Project Review Process

HRSD's development review process will now be handled by the HRSD Planning and Analysis Division. All forms should be emailed to Electronic versions of all corresponding documentation should be included as attachments to the form email. A form for each connection is required for projects with more than one connection. For all submissions, the PDF version of the form is the preferred electronic document to send in to the email address.

Supporting documentation that cannot be emailed should be mailed along with a typed copy of the form to: HRSD Development Services, P.O. Box 5911, Virginia Beach, VA 23471-0911.

Completion of the HRSD Project Information Form is the first step for all requests and projects within the HRSD Service Area and shall be submitted to the email address listed above. This submittal ensures that projects will not be in conflict with HRSD infrastructure and that any new connections will be properly accounted for. For information on HRSD’s facilities, please go to the Record Drawings Request webpage.

The following figure depicts the HRSD Development Services Review Process:

Flow Acceptance Forms are required for projects that will:

  1. Connect directly to an HRSD facility including force mains, gravity mains and pump stations
  2. Connect to a Jurisdiction force main that is directly connected to an HRSD force main
  3. Connect to a Jurisdiction gravity main that is directly connect to an HRSD gravity main
  4. Connect to an existing Jurisdiction pump station service area that will add flow to the station that was not previously accepted by HRSD
  5. Connect to an existing Jurisdiction pump station service area that will require that the station be modified

The following is a summary of the current limits for submitting Flow Acceptance Requests:

Project Forms

Adobe Acrobat Standard® is required to fill in and save the PDF versions of the Development Services forms. A Word 2007 version is also available for those that cannot save the PDF versions.
Get Adobe Acrobat Standard®.

Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

HRSD Project Information Form (PDF Version) (Word Version)

HRSD Pressure Analysis Request Form (PDF Version) (Word Version)

HRSD Flow Acceptance Form (PDF Version) (Word Version)

HRSD Regional Sewage Flow Projection Table (PDF)

Contact Information

North Shore
     Laura Harrell, 757-355-5018

South Shore
     Bambos Charalambous, 757-460-7015
     Ryan Radspinner, 757-460-4232

HRSD Construction Standard Requirements

Tapping Information
Tapping Contractor Application and Requirements (PDF Version) (Word Version): This form is for contractors who need to apply for permission to tap HRSD pipes. Once completed, the original signed application must be mailed to the appropriate Interceptor System Manager at HRSD.

The current approved tapping contractor list can be found here (PDF). Please review this to see if you are on the list and when your approval expires. Notifications of expiration will not be sent out.

HRSD Standards and Preferences
The current HRSD Standards and Preferences can be found here. Please review these for information and details on connections to HRSD, taps and force main construction.

Construction Notes
Add the following Standard Utility Crossing Notes (PDF) on the plan if your project includes utility crossing(s) over/under HRSD infrastructure.

Add the following Standard Connection Notes (PDF) on the plan if your project includes a direct utility connection to HRSD infrastructure.

Please note that all project plans with work around, near, or in proximity to HRSD infrastructure must be submitted to HRSD for review and approval prior to plan completion.

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