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Since 1992 HRSD has provided municipal environmental services to Virginia government agencies, sharing technical expertise and resources. More than 50 agencies have benefited from environmental monitoring and analysis, training and consulting—all provided at cost. Our fee structure is based on reimbursement for services performed, without profit to HRSD or cost to our ratepayers.

The Municipal Assistance Program offers full-service capabilities for the following Virginia regulatory monitoring programs: Virginia Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (VPDES) permits, stormwater, groundwater, industrial pretreatment, ambient water quality, and solid waste as well as air. Highly qualified staff in our Water Quality Department develop sampling and analytical plans, conduct sampling and field monitoring, and provide consultation on water quality, permit compliance, and air monitoring.

Our laboratory, the largest of its kind in Virginia, performs comprehensive analytical services, quality assurance evaluation, and consultation on analytical methods and data interpretation. To offer high-quality, legally defensible data, the laboratory maintains a quality assurance program and uses methods and procedures in compliance with state and/or federal regulations and guidelines.

Since our inception in 1940, HRSD has demonstrated consistent, exemplary compliance with federal and state regulations. The laboratory maintains compliance with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to perform wastewater analyses. In recognition of our expertise, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) routinely requests HRSD to perform new method validation studies.

Contact Information

For additional information or to share your comments, please e-mail Danny Barker, Environmental Scientist, at or call 757-460-4247.

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