Residential Customer FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Online Services and Your Bill

Q.  When can I register?

A.  As soon as you receive your first bill you can sign up at Click on Manage My Account and follow the onscreen directions. This convenient service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Q. What information do I need?
A. Have your HRSD/HRUBS account number, the amount due and the financial institution routing and account number or the credit or debit card you wish to use.

Q. Do I have to register for e-Bill to use EZ-Pay?
A. No.  You may make one-time payments without registering for e-Bill.

Q. Do I pay a fee for the convenience of using these services?
A. No. Customers do not pay a fee for using e-Bill or EZ pay.

Q. Can I use my financial institution’s bill payment services for my HRSD/HRUBS bill?
A. Yes.  You can sign up for e-Bill and use this method of making your payments.

Q. Why is the mailing address for payments an out-of-state address?
A. HRSD has outsourced printing of its bills and those issued by the Hampton Roads Utility Billing Service (HRUBS) for participating jurisdictions. KUBRA is the vendor selected through a competitive process to provide bill printing, mailing and payment processing services. This international, privately held corporation provides customer interaction management solutions to some of the largest utility, insurance, financial services, health care and communication companies across North America.  With more than 400 clients and one billion customer transactions annually, KUBRA is a major player in the billing market.  Additionally, Wells Fargo was selected to provide payment processing services at their North Carolina facility. With these changes came an improved bill design and enhanced online services, which were requested by many customers.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is HRUBS? 
A. HRUBS (Hampton Roads Utility Billing Service) is a cooperative and cost-effective billing service provided by HRSD and participating localities. Currently, Chesapeake, James City, King William, Norfolk, Smithfield, Suffolk and Urbanna participate in HRUBS. Through HRUBS, customers receive one combined bill for water, wastewater and related public services rather than multiple bills. HRUBS benefits participating localities by providing bill printing and payment processing at no cost.

Q: What wastewater/sewer services are billed through HRUBS?
A. The HRUBS bill includes wastewater treatment charges from HRSD. Sewer services included are Municipal (City/County) sewer maintenance charges which recovers the costs of operating and maintaining the sanitary sewer. The sanitary sewer system transports wastewater (used tap water) through municipal-owned pipes to larger HRSD interceptor pipes. HRSD pipes then transport wastewater to individual HRSD treatment plants. With nine major treatment plants in Hampton Roads, HRSD charges to treat, or clean, the wastewater.

Q. How is the amount of the wastewater treatment charge determined?
A. For most customers, HRSD's wastewater treatment charge is based on the amount of water used per billing period. For each billing period, the water supplier reads the water meter and provides HRSD with the total amount of water consumed for that period.

Q. How do I establish or cancel my account with HRSD?
A. Your account is both established and terminated through your water supplier (for most customers, this is your local utilities department). Your water supplier will update your account information and then provide it to HRSD.

Q. My water was turned off because of bill nonpayment. How do I get my water turned on?
A. When your HRSD or HRUBS account is past due, your water service may be turned off. To have water service restored, your bill must be paid in full, including any delinquent service charges. Payments can be made on line at or in person. Please check Payment Locations for more information.

Q. Does HRSD adjust my wastewater treatment charge for pool filling?
A. HRSD does not offer pool adjustments however we do offer some alternatives related to the use of water that does not go into the sanitary sewer system. Please click here for more information.

Q. Does HRSD pick up trash?
A. No, your local public works department provides trash collection.

Q. Where can I dispose of sewage from my recreational vehicle?
A. Please see the attached list of sewage disposal sites for recreational vehicles.

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