Water Quality Department

The Water Quality Department ensures the quality of water discharged by industries into the treatment systems and the quality of the treated wastewater that is returned to the environment. This department also helps HRSD ensure compliance with its environmental permits and leads regulatory advocacy efforts. 

The Central Environmental Laboratory Division is staffed to provide quality laboratory tests for internal analysis and regulatory control.  Our state-of-the-art Central Environmental Laboratory uses the latest technology to monitor treatment processes, industrial discharges into our system and local waterways.  The department’s Municipal Assistance Program performs environmental monitoring and analytical services at cost for government agencies throughout Virginia. 

Ensuring industrial permit compliance according to regulations, the Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention Division monitors wastewater through toxic and surcharge surveys and sampling.  They conduct regular inspections at industrial sites, issue permits to new industries and investigate violations. 

The Technical Services Division oversees a number of environmental issues, including environmental monitoring programs, and performs all reporting required by our permits.

Key Contacts

Director of Water Quality

Chief of Central Environmental Laboratory

Chief of Pretreatment & Pollution Prevention

Chief of Technical Services Division

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