"Chesapeake Avenue Force Main Replacement"
Hampton Trunk Sewer Extension Division B Claremont Force Main Replacement
HRSD Capital Improvement Program Project (BH012700)

HRSD, your regional wastewater treatment utility, continues working on a project to replace piping and valves along a portion of Chesapeake Avenue from the HRSD pump station to the Monitor Merrimac Overlook Park. This work straddles both Newport News and Hampton cities and will include reconnecting two City of Newport News pump stations into the new pipeline. The new piping and valves replaces aging infrastructure, reducing the risk of pipe failures resulting in sanitary sewer spills. This effort also increases system capacity which reduces the risk of sanitary sewer overflows during heavy rain events such as Nor'easters or hurricanes. This work is being coordinated with the City of Newport News Chesapeake Avenue Beautification Project.

Projected Cost: $5,192,663.23