Published on February 12, 2021

What is an engineer? What do engineers do? 

Engineers create, dream, and invent; they also solve problems every day. The work we do at HRSD heavily depends on the creativity and practical solutions of our engineers. 

Each year HRSD celebrates Engineers Week during the month of February. We showcase our own engineers and also use the week as an opportunity to inspire future engineers! 

This year is HRSD’s Fourth Annual “Celebrate Engineers Week with HRSD”. Celebrate Engineers Week is an event we created to educate children in our community about water resources and engineering.  

For the past three years, we have offered a hands-on, engaging event reaching students across the Hampton Roads region. This year, due to the evolving conditions related to COVID-19, we are not able to host an in-person event.

Instead, we’re offering two hands-on opportunities for students to explore water resources and be engineers safely at home. Students can choose to participate in one or both challenges!

The two challenges are 
1.)    Balloon Car Challenge 
2.)    Inspiring Water Wonder Art Challenge


Engineers Week Flyer



The following are details on the two events for Celebrate Engineers Week with HRSD, including instructions to submit your work for showcasing. Students can choose to participate in one or both challenges!

1)     HRSD Balloon Car Showcase

Design, build, race and market your balloon car. Engineers apply science and math to understand how things work, to solve problems and to create practical uses for scientific discoveries. We all share the planet earth and must use the earth’s limited resources efficiently and sustainably. In the case of HRSD, we apply engineering principles to protect public health and our local waters by conveying and treating the used water from our region’s homes and businesses. HRSD relies on civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, process, and computer engineers to do this.

How to enter: 
Email the 2021 HRSD Balloon Car Showcase Form to . He will send you a link to a DropBox folder where you can upload the videos of your Balloon Car.
Learn more details here.

2)    HRSD “Inspiring Water Wonder” Art Showcase

HRSD is calling on your creativity to illustrate the theme “Inspiring Water Wonder,” focusing on Water Resource Engineering. View the Water Resources Engineering video below and other videos on HRSD’s YouTube channel for inspiration.



How to enter:
Email the 2021 HRSD “Inspiring Water Wonder” Art Showcase Form to She will send you a link to a DropBox folder where you can upload your artwork.
Learn more details here

Remember, students can choose to participate in one or both challenges! Entries from both contests will be showcased on our social media channels! We look forward to celebrating Engineers Week with you!

Questions? Contact Christene Mitchell at