Acronym Term Definition
HERS HRSD Environmental Reporting System Online portal that allows permittees to electronically send and certify permit-related data.
  GovOnline The CROMERR compliant platform for the HRSD Environmental Reporting System application.
RO Responsible Official A facility representative that can view, prepare, and CERTIFY reports. Persons who have signatory authority to sign on behalf of a company or facility. An individual that meets EPA’s signatory requirements in 40 CFR § 403.12(l) to be an RO. Find out more in Section 3.2 of the HERS User Enrollment Guide.
  Consultant A facility representative that can view and/or prepare reports. These permissions are granted by the facilities Responsible Official (RO). Also known as a Preparer.
CROMERR Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule EPA’s electronic reporting rule, 40 CFR Part 3
ESA Electronic Signature Agreement A formal agreement between each PIN holder (Responsible Official) and HRSD regarding the responsibilities and use of their PIN. The ESA conforms to EPA’s signatory requirements in 40 CFR § 403.12(l)
PIN Personal Identification Number Four-digit number unique to each RO. By accepting a PIN, the RO agrees to be legally bound and responsible for all uses of their electronic signature as if it were a hand-written signature. The PIN must be kept confidential.
  Security Questions Used in conjunction with PIN for electronic signatures.
SMR Self-Monitoring Requirement Requirements referenced in Sections III-V of the permit. Examples include sample analysis results, meter readings, certifications, and summarized reports.
  User Account A user account is specific to one person. A person should not have more than one user account; but a user account may have several facilities associated. The user has a Responsible Official or a Consultant role.
  Submission Status On the dashboard, it indicates whether a requirement has been open or edited. If there is no indicator, the report has not yet been accessed. Open means the record has been accessed before, but no changes made. Updated means changes have been made and saved in the record.


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