Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention Contacts

Certification Statement
Contact Mike Martin: or 757.833.1750 

Industrial Waste Enforcement Response Plan
Contact Kevin Heitzhaus: or 757.460.7042 

Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit Applications
Contact Chris Carlough: or 757.460.7048 

Industrial Wastewater Discharge Regulations 
(including COD:BOD ratio chart, SNC criteria, zero discharge pollutants, and TO list)
Contact Kevin Heitzhaus: or 757.460.7042 

Permitted Industries Meter Certification Form
Contact Craig Forbes: or 757.460.7043 

Signatory Authorization Form
Contact Mike Martin: or 757.833.1750 

TTO Certification Form
Contact Craig Forbes: or 757.460.7043


BOD - Biochemical Oxygen Demand
COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand
SNC - Significant Noncompliance
TO - Total Organics
TTO - Total Toxic Organics