Sewer Pipeline Replacement Project to Begin Along Westminister Drive



HRSD, your regional wastewater treatment utility, is undertaking a project to replace 1400 feet of sanitary sewer pipeline along Westminister Drive in the City of Hampton. The project is needed to replace a pipeline that was built in the 1970s and has reached the end of its useful life, requiring multiple repairs in recent years. This effort will also reduce the risk of sanitary sewer overflows during heavy rain events. The answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided below.

Project Overview
The work will take place within the public right of way on Westminister Drive from Canterbury Road to W. Mercury Boulevard. The contractor will dig down to the existing sewer pipeline and replace it with new, slightly larger, pipeline in the same location. All work will require a surrounding work zone within the public right-of-way and a portion of the roadway for safety. The contractor may use a flagger to help you navigate around the construction activity.



Project Schedule
Staging: February 2019
Construction: March 2019 - Spring 2020
Restoration: Immediately following construction


How Can You Help?
- You may be asked to refrain from using your water and sewer services while we are working directly in front of your home.
- Please refrain from parking within the work area. This may include your driveway and the on-street parking adjacent to your home.
- We will work as quickly and safely as possible to complete this work and restore the area.


Frequently Asked Questions
Why is the project necessary?
A. This project will update infrastructure that has reached the end of its useful life.

Will the project affect the flow of traffic in the neighborhood?
A. Disruptions to traffic will be minimized. Flagging will be used to help direct traffic as needed. Detours are planned and comprehensive traffic control plans will be implemented to minimize inconvenience. Although the majority of the project work will be located within the public and private right of ways, in very poor condition and must be replaced by digging.

Will there be any interruptions to my water or sewer service?
A. If the contractor is working in the right of way in front of your property, you will be asked to refrain from using your water and sewer services such as: flushing the toilet, performing any activities that would send water down your drains such as doing laundry, washing dishes and taking a shower or bath. These interruptions to your services will be temporary and should not be more than one day.

Will access to properties along the route be maintained during construction?
A. Yes. The contractor will ensure that access to residences will be provided throughout construction. However some of this work will affect driveway aprons in the public right of way, there may be slight delays when needing to enter or exit the property if the contractor is working near your home. Trash and mail services will not be affected. If necessary, the contractor will move trash containers from within a work zone to an area accessible for pickup, and will be responsible for returning them to each residence.

What are the general working hours for the project?
A. Work will typically take place Monday through Saturday during daylight hours (7 a.m. - 7 p.m.). However, there may be times when extended hours, work at night, or weekend work may be necessary.

Will construction affect the existing pavement?
A. Yes. Where sewer pipes are dug up, asphalt, curb, gutters, driveway aprons, culvert pipes, and grass will be removed and then restored upon completion of the project.

What sort of noise impacts should I expect during construction?
A. As with any construction project, routine noise generated by the operation of heavy equipment is anticipated.


If you have any questions, concerns or comments about the project, please feel free to contact Jeremiah Burford, HRSD Project Manager, at 757.234.7445 or