"Warwick Boulevard Sanitary Sewer Pipeline Replacement: Thorncliff Drive to Lucas Creek Road"
Lucas Creek - Woodhaven Interceptor Force Main Replacement - Phase I
HRSD Capital Improvement Program Project (JR013100)

HRSD, your regional wastewater treatment utility, has completed a project replacing approximately 5,300 linear feet of existing 24-inch diameter sanitary sewer force main pipe. This project will take place primarily along the median of Warwick Boulevard from Thorncliff Drive to Lucas Creek Road (proceeding north to south) and will improve operating conditions and address aging infrastructure concerns. It will cross Warwick Boulevard near the Lucas Creek Road intersection and connect to the existing sanitary force main located along the south side of Lucas Creek Road. Once the new pipeline is in service, the old pipeline will be filled with a cementitious material and left in place to avoid the additional disruption of removal. Restoration activities will include the milling and resurfacing portions of Warwick Boulevard affected by the construction work.

Projected Cost: $4,000,000