"Woodstock Park Improvement Project"
Providence Road Off-line Storage Facility
HRSD Capital Improvement Program Project (CE011826)

HRSD, your regional wastewater treatment utility, is undertaking a project to construct a partially buried PRR_HRSD_Logo_project-logo-vertical_small.pngstorage tank in Woodstock Park. This effort will reduce the risk of sanitary sewer overflows during heavy rainfalls by allowing HRSD to hold excess wastewater and rain/groundwater in the system until elevated conditions in the sewer system subside. HRSD is also partnering with the City of Virginia Beach to construct a new skate park on the surface of the tank and to renovate Woodstock Park. At the completion of the project, HRSD will own a new, valuable asset to continue protecting the public health and waters of Hampton Roads and the residents of Virginia Beach will enjoy a renewed and improved recreational amenity.

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Projected Cost: $32,000,000

For information on the related Providence Road Pressure Reducing Station Project concurrently under construction adjacent to Woodstock Park, please click here.

Public Meeting Information

The first skate park design meeting was held in November 2019. A second interactive workshop to discuss options for the new skate park being built at Woodstock Park was held in February 2020. The final skate park design was shared in September 2020. The current plan allows for a warm up area, flow bowl, and an advanced area. For questions about the skate park and other park amenities, please contact Dean Bowles, with City of Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation, at 757.385.1129 or dbowles@vbgov.com.



* Please see the Update section for current project status.


News Release - June 3, 2021

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