Boater Education and Year-Round Pump Out Program

The Boater Pump Out Program encourages all boaters to

To request a free pump out please call 757.460.4253 or submit an online form here.

The Hampton Roads Boater Pump Out Program began in 1996 after the Clean Vessel Act was passed in order to reduce pollution from vessel sewage. There are approximately 100 marinas across 17 counties and cities in the which the Program services. The program is a supportive effort of the Hampton Roads Sanitation District (HRSD), the City of Virginia Beach, the City of Norfolk, and the Sport Fish and Wildlife Restoration Grant Program administered by the Virginia Department of Health (VDH).

Our Mission is to promote the proper disposal of sewage from boat holding tanks in order to protect public health and the waterways of Hampton Roads. Our Goal is to prevent the dumping of sewage from boat holding tanks into waterways. For more information about the VDH Marina Program and for a map of marinas with pump out facilities, click here.

Interns work to educate the boating community on the hazards of dumping into the waterways and provide a free pump out service Memorial Day Weekend - Labor Day Weekend (Friday - Sunday) and Fall - Spring (Saturdays only). The crew staffs three pickup trucks, each with a 125 gallon sewage storage tank and 25 gallon portable hand crank pump. Sewage is pumped out of holding tanks using the portable pump and transferred to the truck storage tank. It is then transported to one of the HRSD sewage treatment plants for proper treatment.

The program keeps all pump out records for public view on our GIS mapping portal found here.

2016 Pump Out Summary

2015 Pump Out Summary

No Discharge Zone

A No DIscharge Zone (NDZ) is a designated body of water that prohibits the discharge of treated or untreated boat sewage. It is also illegal to discharge untreated sewage from boats in all Virginia waters. The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) regulations require all vessels to disable the Marine Sanitation Device (MSD) discharge capability while operating in waters designated as a NDZ.

Local NDZ: The Lynnhaven River, Virginia Beach (2007)

Marine Sanitation Device (MSD)

Type I - is an on-board treatment device using a physical/chemical based system that relies on maceration and chlorination.

Type II - is also an on-board treatment device that uses biological or aerobic digestion based system.

Type III - is a holding tank or similar device that prevents the overboard discharge of treated or untreated sewage.

    For Type III holding tanks:
  • Use enzyme deodorizers for holding tanks and portable toilets
  • Pump out before you haul your boat for the winter
  • Know where your closest pump out stations are located, and height or draft restrictions, seasonal closures and hours of operation
  • Use our pump out service to make pumping out more convenient

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