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Amazing Aquifers!

What's an aquifer? What happens when we remove water from an aquifer? What does our aquifer look like? Students will answer these questions and more while building their own aquifer models. This module can be adjusted to meet the needs of any grade level classroom for a creative educational experience for all ages!

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CSI: Tracking Down the Pollution

Something bad is entering our water system, and we don't know where it's coming from! Students in middle school classrooms can help us solve our pollution problem by investigating chemicals, nutrients and pH in water samples and using their critical thinking caps to catch our culprit.

Version A: Map (pdf), Worksheet (pdf)

Version B: Map (pdf), Worksheet (pdf)

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Just Throw it Away

Have you ever wondered what's in the water that arrives at our wastewater treatment plants? Is there anything in it that shouldn't be? Students use their reading, measuring and thinking skills on a journey through the morning in a typical household to make their own "wastewater." Don't worry, there's no need to hold your nose!

Upper elementary school classrooms: see What Is Wastewater? in the Clean Water Curriculum

Middle and high school classrooms: Lesson Plan (pdf), Scenario Cards (pdf)


Washing Water

Help us Wash Water by designing, building and testing water filters. This STEM module for middle school classrooms requires students to use their thinking, reasoning, investigative and creative skills as they work together to improve our water's quality.

Washing Water Worksheet - Full Length Version (pdf)

Washing Water Worksheet - Abbreviated Version (pdf)

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Water Cycle in a Bag

This activity is an easy and fun way to see the water cycle in action. Students will learn to understand how water travels on Earth through the water cycle. Students will identify each stage of the water cycle and observe what happens when the water cycle project is placed in the sun.

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