Jefferson Avenue Sewer Improvements


-Project Closeout Notification-

The contractor for HRSD, your regional wastewater treatment utility, has successfully completed pipeline rehabilitation work related to the sewer pipeline improvement projects in your area. The contractors were able to successfully maintain service throughout the project using temporary bypass pipes and pumps. These temporary measures are being removed and final sidewalk, driveway, and lawn restorations will take place in the next month.

HRSD maintains a one-year warranty period with the contractor to review items that may need to be addressed after final restoration. If you have any areas of concern, please let us know so these items may be addressed through this process.

HRSD would like to thank you for your understanding and patience during this important effort to help achieve HRSD’s vision:

Future generations will inherit clean waterways and be able to keep them clean.

Should you have any questions or comments, you may contact:

HRSD Public Information Specialist:

Lisa Bolen