Non-Residential Customer

HRSD's Pretreatment Program, required by the Clean Water Act, was approved by the EPA in 1982.

The Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention (P3) Department monitors wastewater conveyed to treatment plants and implements its Industrial Wastewater Discharge Regulations and Enforcement Response Plan to protect interceptor systems, treatment plant staff, facilities and processes.


The Pretreatment & Pollution Prevention (P3) Department works with industrial, commercial and military facilities to limit discharge of industrial waste to the HRSD interceptor system. P3 monitors wastewater discharges through unannounced sampling and scheduled week-long monitoring surveys, and regulates industrial users through wastewater discharge permits and facility inspections. P3 has the authority to bill customers for high strength discharge delivered to HRSD's system that is beyond domestic quality wastewater. P3 works closely with these non-residential customers to improve the effectiveness of their pretreatment processes. The P3 Department also manages several Best Management Practice (BMP) programs in the region. Oversight of these programs includes inspection, education, enforcement, and outreach in coordination with the localities.


Pollution Prevention

HRSD is committed to environmental compliance and improvement. P3 Department staff works with and recognizes industrial, military and commercial facilities that advance changes in how air pollution, solid waste and wastewater is handled, generated and disposed of. We award and acknowledge non-residential customers for their efforts in waste reduction and recycling of reusable materials. These efforts support P3's mission to protect the environment, human health, the publicly owned treatment works (POTW) as well as prevent sanitary sewer overflows (SSOs) and the deterioration of conveyance lines. All non-residential customers can have a positive impact on our environment through education, recycling and conservation at the source.

The funds received through civil penalties paid by industries and businesses that do not comply with permit requirements and HRSD's Industrial Wastewater Discharge Regulations are used to fund the Pretreatment Excellence and Pollution Prevention Awards program, HRSD's annual environmental scholarship and other qualifying environmental initiatives.

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