Each year HRSD honors businesses and industries for outstanding pollution prevention (P2) measures. P2 awards are presented for multi-media (air, land, water) efforts that focus on reduction of waste (or its toxicity) at the source rather than traditional treatment, control, and disposal. Some examples include raw material substitution, installation of clean manufacturing technologies, in-process recycling, as well as preventive maintenance and spill prevention.

Pollution Prevention (P2) Award Information and Application - 2018

In addition to recognizing P2 award winners, HRSD also recognizes pretreatment excellence award winners for exemplary permit compliance. To protect the environment and our facilities, HRSD issues permits and monitors wastewater discharged from businesses and industries. These businesses pretreat their industrial wastewater before discharging it to HRSD's system, helping to protect our waterways and other natural resources. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency has recognized HRSD's pretreatment program as one of the nation's best.

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