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The Engineering Department provides customer focused services for the planning, design and construction of HRSD facilities.

The Planning and Analysis Division provides state-of-the-art data and hydraulic analysis, maintains critical infrastructure databases and plans infrastructure for future growth. Hydraulic engineers also evaluate requests to connect to the HRSD system and assist in the location of these connections.

The Design and Construction Division manages design, construction and related services to provide high quality, economical and timely projects.  

Which system should I use for engineering task submittals?

Record Drawing Requests

HRSD keeps all construction related drawings for existing plant, pump station, pipeline and administration facilities in electronic format. These drawings are in either Auto CAD (.dwg) or Raster (.tif) format.

You may request a drawing by sending an e-mail to dpq@hrsd.com. Please provide your name, organization, address and phone number in the message and describe your specific need and the location of interest. We will either email the information or provide it on a CD, which can be mailed to you. You also can choose to pick up the CD at our main office.