HRSD Begins Replenishing Potomac Aquifer, Celebrates Opening of SWIFT Research Center in Suffolk



SUFFOLKHRSD celebrated the 6th Annual National Infrastructure Week this morning with the official ribbon cutting and opening celebration for the $25 million SWIFT (Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow) Research Center located on the grounds of the Nansemond Treatment Plant in Suffolk.

The SWIFT Research Center is capable of producing up to one million gallons of drinking water quality SWIFT Water per day using advanced treatment processes. This SWIFT Water is then treated to match existing groundwater and used to recharge the Potomac Aquifer

During opening remarks, HRSD General Manager Ted Henifin explained, "We will gather and analyze data for the next year here at the SWIFT Research Center to get a better understanding of the response of the aquifer and be able to optimize the advanced treatment processes. This data will help us inform the design of our full-scale facilities throughout the region as we move towards our goal of more than 100 million gallons of SWIFT Water recharging the Potomac aquifer daily by 2030."

The Research Center also features interpretive elements and educational displays and will serve as an environmental learning center for students and all who wish to learn more about SWIFT.

Organizations, schools, and other groups interested in learning more about the numerous benefits of SWIFT can schedule a tour of the Research Center by emailing

About SWIFT: SWIFT is an innovative water treatment project in eastern Virginia designed to ensure a sustainable source of groundwater to meet current and future needs in the region. The project will take HRSD’s already highly treated water that would otherwise be discharged into the Elizabeth, James or York rivers and put it through additional rounds of advanced water treatment to produce drinking quality water. The SWIFT Water will then be treated to match the existing groundwater chemistry and added to the Potomac Aquifer, the primary source of groundwater throughout eastern Virginia. This will ensure a sustainable source of groundwater while addressing environmental challenges such as Chesapeake Bay restoration, sea level rise and saltwater intrusion.

About HRSD: HRSD’s mission is to protect public health and the waters of Hampton Roads by treating wastewater effectively. A political subdivision of the Commonwealth of Virginia, HRSD was created by public referendum in 1940 and currently serves 18 cities and counties in southeast Virginia - an area with a population of 1.7 million.

HRSD Vision: Future Generations will inherit clean waterways and be able to keep them clean.



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