The purpose of this HRSD Communications Logo Usage Guideline is to ensure HRSD is presented in a consistent, tasteful and professional manner. If questions arise regarding usage, please contact us.


HRSD Logo and Tagline

The HRSD Commission adopted a new logo and a new tag line in May 2010 to accompany our strategic plan. These grew from the suggestions of employees from every segment of our organization and from one-on-one interviews, focus groups, workshops and meetings with our customers. The implementation and consistent application of our name, logo and tagline standards strengthen and reinforce the identity of HRSD as one organization bound by a common mission.


We refer to ourselves as HRSD in all communications. The name "Hampton Roads Sanitation District" is used only as required in legal documents.


The tagline “Cleaning wastewater every day for a better Bay” was selected by HRSD employees and approved by the Commission. The tagline communicates a core message of our mission in a succinct manner. When applying the tagline to printed materials, the tagline and logo never should be separated.

About the Logo Design

HRSD’s Primary Logo incorporates design elements symbolic of our heritage as well as our commitment to future generations. The bottom bar, which is blue to represent clean water, reaches back in tribute to our history of treating wastewater for nearly 80 years. The green top bar, the color synonymous with environmental protection and sustainability, extends forward, reminding us of our vision: Future generations will inherit clean waterways and be able to keep them clean. Within the two bars, which create an image of a pipeline, is HRSD in a custom typeface that is clean and modern.



SWIFT Logo and Tagline

The SWIFT logo is available to use with, and without, the full name of the initiative.