HRSD is making waves in the water industry through innovation and research to ensure future generations will inherit clean waterways and be able to keep them clean. Our blog is written by HRSD employees to provide suggestions, information and inspiration about all things environmental! From sustainable living guides to water saving tips, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to Making Waves!


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Rebuilding Better Through Innovation: Providence Road Projects
Providence Road Done Capture

If you drive along I-64 near the Indian River Road interchange or along Providence Road, you may notice a lot of infrastructure projects under construction at the City of Virginia Beach’s Woodstock Park!

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HRSD’s Asset Management is getting SMART
IWeek Highlight Photo

HRSD’s mission is to protect public health and the waters of Hampton Roads by treating wastewater effectively.

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WANT TO WORK FOR WATER? Become a Pretreatment and Pollution Prevention Specialist (P3 Specialist)
Chesapeake Bay Image

​We know that when we flush the toilet, the waste doesn’t just go “away”. Instead, it comes to one of HRSD’s 16 treatment plants. HRSD cleans the dirty water that travels from the homes of over 1.7 million residents in Hampton Roads.

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WANT TO WORK FOR WATER? Become a TSD Specialist (Hydrologist)
HRSD VIP Treatment Plant

Do you enjoy learning about environmental science? Does learning something new at work every day interest you? Have you ever collected samples for lab testing or used lab results to draw conclusions? Would you like to incorporate chemistry, biology, geology, and/or geography into your job every day

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How To Make Eco-Friendly Cleaners at Home

Spring is just around the corner, and it’s time to gear up for the annual deep clean. Often called Spring Cleaning, now is the time to declutter, organize and remove the accumulated dust and grime from your home.

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