Watch What We’re All About.  Take a look at what SWIFT is doing to replenish our aquifer and provide a safe and secure source of groundwater for future generations.


SWIFT Research Center: What is the Potomac Aquifer?

Learn more about the Potomac Aquifer and how SWIFT will replenish this vital groundwater supply.

SWIFT Research Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony – May 2018

SWIFT Progress 2016-2018

2017 SWIFT Research Center Open House Construction Tour

Celebrating SWIFT’s Multiple Regional Benefits

Watch as we break ground for the SWIFT Research Center, sign the first Nutrient Credit Trade Agreement, and cut ribbon for the SWIFT extensometer.

SWIFT: Our Pride and Passion

Want to know more about SWIFT? Watch our video.

Overview of HRSD's Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow Pilot Project

To the Future!

See how we celebrated HRSD’s SWIFT success in producing purified water by tasting and toasting on September 15.

SWIFT Remarks: Answers from the Experts

Lauren Zuravnsky, HRSD Project Manager
Are projects like SWIFT being done in other parts of the United States?

SWIFT Remarks: Answers from Experts

Dan Holloway, CH2M Hydrogeologist
What is land subsidence, and how can SWIFT help?

SWIFT Remarks: Answers from Experts

Glen Daigger, University of Michigan Professor of Engineering Practice
Is there any third-party oversight of SWIFT?

SWIFT Remarks: Answers from Experts

David Paylor, Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) Director
Why is it important to protect and replenish our groundwater resources?

SWIFT Remarks

J. Dano, HRSD Chief of Planning & Analysis

SWIFT Remarks

Molly Joseph Ward, Virginia Secretary of Natural Resources

SWIFT Remarks

Charles Bott, HRSD Director of Water Technology & Research

Meet the people behind SWIFT

HRSD employees are committed to making the region a better place. Whether they’re protecting local waterways or volunteering their time throughout Hampton Roads, the people behind SWIFT recognize that they’re part of a Bigger Picture.