"Boat Harbor Pump Station Conversion"
Boat Harbor Treatment Plant Pump Station Conversion (BH015700)
Boat Harbor Treatment Plant Pump Station Conversion Site Improvements (BH015701)

As part of the Sustainable Water Initiative for Tomorrow (SWIFT) program, HRSD will pump wastewater from Newport News to its Nansemond Treatment Plant in Suffolk. At the Nansemond location, wastewater will be highly treated prior to discharge to the James River.  A significant portion of the treated water will undergo additional advanced treatment to produce SWIFT WaterTM which will meet drinking water quality standards. This will further reduce nutrients discharged to the James River Basin and support local water quality and Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts. The existing Boat Harbor Treatment Plant will be closed and replaced with the Boat Harbor Pump Station. 

Project Cost: Approximately $196.5 million


October 2023 - Construction Notice Update #1

October 2023 - Notice to Neighbors