Elbow Road Pumping Station Improvements



Project Overview

HRSD is undertaking a project to construct a new pumping station on HRSD property located at 2101 Elbow Road, which is located approximately ½ mile northeast of Bethel Baptist Church. The project includes underground piping installation and the construction of a new building to house pumps, piping, and electrical equipment. The new building has been designed to resemble a barn to better blend into the surrounding environment. These improvements are necessary to improve the performance and reliability of the pumping station for higher flows in this part of the HRSD wastewater system when flow is diverted in support of the Chesapeake-Elizabeth Treatment Plant closure and for the ultimate Regional Wet Weather Management Plan.


Project Schedule
Staging: May 2020
Construction: Spring 2020-Summer 2021
Restoration: Immediately following construction

Thank you for your support of this effort to help achieve HRSD's vision: Future generations will inherit clean waterways and be able to keep them clean.

You also may visit www.hrsd.com/elbow-road-pumping-station-improvements for additional information and to see an artist rendering of what the pump station will look like.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments about the project, please feel free to contact Lisa Bolen, HRSD Public Information Specialist, at 757.460.7000 or lbolen@hrsd.com.