Shell Road Sanitary Sewer Pipeline Realignment



HRSD, your regional wastewater treatment utility, in coordination with the City of Chesapeake, is planning a project in your neighborhood to remove from service an aging sewer force main and reroute City force main connections. This replacement project will also improve the system’s performance and ensure continued, reliable sewer service in the future. The answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are provided here.

Project Overview
This project has four distinct locations in the Deep Creek area of Chesapeake. Phase 1 is located on Shell Road from the Forest Cove Drive intersection to the Currie Avenue Intersection.  Phase 2 is located along Steel Street near Currie Avenue.  Phase 3 is located along Winslow Avenue near Magnolia Avenue.  Phase 4 is located along Bainbridge Boulevard between Great Bridge Boulevard and Gregg Street. This project includes installation of multiple pipelines, installed within the city right-of-way, and the removal from service of one pipeline. The contractor will maintain a clean job site and minimize traffic disruption.


Project Schedule
Staging: February 2020
Construction: Phase 1: work within the public right-of-way along Shell Road
Winter 2020 - Spring 2020
Phase 2
: work within the public right-or-way along Steel Street
Spring 2020
Phase 3
: work within the public right-of-way along Winslow Avenue
Summer 2020
Phase 4
: work within the public right-of-way along Bainbridge Boulevard
Summer 2020-Fall 2020
: Immediately following construction

Thank you for your support of this effort to help achieve HRSD's vision: Future generations will inherit clean waterways and be able to keep them clean.

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If you have any questions, concerns or comments about the project, please feel free to contact Lisa Bolen, HRSD Public Information Specialist, at 757.460.7000 or