HRSD’s approach to managing PFAS is multifaceted:

  1. Minimize PFAS sources into HRSD facilities from both commercial and residential sources.
  2. Implement technologies capable of removing PFAS as part of our multi-barrier approach when producing water for aquifer recharge at SWIFT.
  3. Support, lead, and share PFAS research focused on fate and transport of PFAS in wastewater, water reuse, and biosolids.

HRSD regularly publishes quarterly monitoring reports that are available to those interested in SWIFT reuse water quality. In addition, HRSD is currently participating in a variety of studies funded by the Water Research Foundation (WRF) and is assisting EPA as it investigates PFAS fate during solids incineration. For more information on each of these studies, please see the following links:


If you are interested in PFAS publications from HRSD, please see the following links: