"Eastern Shore Sewer Infrastructure Improvements"
Eastern Shore Infrastructure Improvements -Transmission Force Main Phase I
HRSD Capital Improvement Program Project (ES010100)

HRSD is undertaking a project to construct a system of sewer pipes approximately 121,000 feet in length along with four pump stations to convey wastewater flows from the Towns of Nassawadox, Exmore, Wachapreague, and Accomac, and existing sewer customers in Accomack County to the Onancock Wastewater Treatment Plant. This system will provide for improved wastewater treatment for the Towns of Nassawadox, Exmore, Wachapreague, and Accomac by taking advantage of unused capacity at the Onancock Wastewater Treatment Plant and improve sanitary sewer service reliability to existing customers of Accomack County.

Most of the project is located outside of roadways along the abandoned railroad right-of-way that generally follows Route 13 from the Town of Nassawadox to the Town of Accomac.

  • Town of Nassawadox: work will occur at the former Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital property and the roadway corridor of Hospital Avenue and Rogers Drive
  • Town of Exmore: work will occur on Carolyn Avenue
  • Town of Keller: work will occur along Wachapreague Road
  • Town of Onley: work will occur along Washington Street
  • Town of Onancock: work will occur along Hartman Avenue, Market Street, and Boundary Avenue
  • Town of Accomac: work will occur along Wharton Road and Front Street
  • Town of Wachapreague: work will occur along Wachapreague Road, Custis Street, Main Street, Brooklyn Avenue, High Street, Ice Plant Road, and Atlantic Avenue

The work also includes four crossings of Route 13 which will be installed by trenchless methods, and therefore, will not disrupt traffic flow. The contractor will maintain a clean job site and comprehensive traffic control plans will be implemented to minimize inconvenience.

Properties for the four pumping station lots have been obtained or will be obtained and are as follows:

  • Nassawadox: this pump station will be on existing HRSD property at the Wastewater Treatment Facility
  • Exmore: this pump station will be located on Carolyn Avenue
  • Hartman Avenue: this pump station will be on the property adjacent to the existing Hartman Avenue Pump Station at the end of the street
  • Accomac: this pump station will be on an existing Accomack County property at 23221 Front Street

Project Cost: approximately $34 million



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