Below are How-To Guides to help you navigate through our "iSupplier" system (EBS) and "Unifier" system which is our Project Management System.

In "iSupplier" you can conduct several Procurement activities including viewing purchase orders, submitting and viewing invoices, checking on the status of a payment, updating your profile, viewing and responding to solicitations.

In "Unifier" you can conduct activities that are related to capital projects that include viewing purchase orders, submitting and viewing invoices.


How-To Guides for iSupplier

Click the links below to view How-To material.

  • New Supplier Registration: PDF
  • Update Supplier Record:
        Address Book: PDF
        Contacts: PDF
        NIGP Category: PDF
        Organization Details: PDF
        Business Classification & Licenses: PDF
  • Create Invoice: PDF
  • Create Work Confirmation: PDF
  • Order Acknowledgement: PDF
  • Order Inquiry: PDF
  • View Open Solicitations and Your Responses:
  • Participate in Online Discussions: PDF
  • Acknowledge Participation: PDF
  • Respond to Solicitations:
        IFB/RFQ: PDF
        RFP: PDF
        RFI/Pre-Qualification: PDF
        Amendments: PDF
        Withdraw and Resubmit Response: PDF
  • Tips for Responding to a Solicitation: PDF


How-To Guides for Unifier (CIP Purchase Orders)

Click here to view How-To material.