The Regional Residuals Facility (RRF), located at HRSD’s Nansemond Treatment Plant, was designed and constructed to receive collection system residual material captured during the maintenance and cleaning of the publicly owned sanitary sewerage collection system. Collection system maintenance is required to ensure proper operation of infrastructure and to prevent Sanitary Sewer Overflows from occurring due to blockages or leaks in the system. The cleaning results in liquid and solid residue that contains pollutants which can harm human health, degrade water quality and aquatic habitat, and impair ecosystem functions. These wastes are non-hazardous by definition, but are regulated as Liquid Industrial Waste by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. The residual material is brought to the RRF where it discharged on a concrete slab and dewatered by gravity. The facility is fully enclosed to eliminate any off-site nuisance odors, and the dewatered material is disposed of at a locally approved landfill. Users of the RRF are required to follow all requirements specified in the Best Management Practice and the Guidelines and Operations Manual for HRSD’s Regional Residuals Facility.

Below you will find necessary forms required under the RRF BMP:
Indemnification Statement

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