"Boat Harbor Treatment Plant Conversion and Transmission"
Boat Harbor Treatment Plant Pump Station Conversion 
Boat Harbor Treatment Plant Transmission Force Main Section 1 (Subaqueous)
Boat Harbor Treatment Plant Transmission Force Main Section 2 (Land)
HRSD Capital Improvement Program Project (BH015700, BH015710 & BH015720)

HRSD is closing its Boat Harbor Treatment Plant in Newport News to further reduce nutrients discharged to the James River Basin, which will support local water quality and Chesapeake Bay restoration efforts. A new pumping station facility will be constructed at the Boat Harbor location, and wastewater will be pumped to HRSD’s Nansemond Treatment Plant in Suffolk. At the Nansemond location, wastewater will be highly treated prior to discharge to the James River. A significant portion of the treated water will undergo additional advanced treatment to meet drinking water quality standards to produce SWIFT Water™. To connect HRSD’s Boat Harbor and Nansemond facilities, construction of a 22,800 foot, 36-inch diameter pipe, called a force main, below the bottom of the James River is required.

This work includes three separate projects: Boat Harbor Pump Station Conversion, Boat Harbor Underwater Transmission Pipe Installation, and Nansemond Treatment Plant Pipe Installation. To see more information, please check below in the “Update” section for a link to each project, including FAQ’s for each.

For more information on the SWIFT process, please visit www.hrsd.com/swift.

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