"Larchmont Area Sanitary Sewer Improvements"
Larchmont Area Sanitary Sewer Improvements (VP015320)

Starting in Late Winter 2022, HRSD and the City of Norfolk Department of Utilities will begin a strategic program to replace, upgrade, and relocate sanitary sewer pump stations and the connecting pipelines in the Larchmont Neighborhood. This estimated $40.8 million jointly funded program, made possible through wastewater collection and wastewater treatment fees, will protect public health by reducing the risk of sewer spills during large rainfall events.

Sewer Connection


HRSD and the City adopted the Larchmont Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Master Plan in early 2020. In this plan, both parties agreed to replace aging wastewater infrastructure at the same time. Working together at every stage of the program to save customers money through shared design, construction efforts, and program management. By performing these needed infrastructure improvements simultaneously, the neighborhood experiences construction impacts only once, lessening the overall disruption to daily life.

Construction Notice


Currently, the Larchmont Neighborhood is serviced with eight aging pump stations located throughout the area.  During this project, five new pump stations will be constructed to replace the existing eight pump stations. At the same time, construction to connect new sewer pipelines to the HRSD treatment plant will occur. Simultaneously constructing the pump stations and the pipelines will allow for contractors to complete their work as efficiently as possible and will minimize the overall timeline for disruptive construction work in the neighborhood.

The five new pump stations will be located at the following addresses:

  • 6160 Rolfe Avenue
  • 5406 Powhatan Avenue
  • 1202 Rockbridge Avenue
  • 1101 Magnolia Avenue
  • 6130 Monroe Place

A map of the pump station locations can be viewed under Project Map.


More information regarding when construction will occur at each of these locations, along with the phasing for sewer pipeline construction, will be provided in Fall 2022.

Projected Cost: The estimated program cost is $40,800,000.


December 7, 2021 - Survey Notice

November 24, 2021 - Soil Borings Notice

October 27, 2021 - Demolition Notice

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