"Larchmont Area Sanitary Sewer Improvements"
Larchmont Area Sanitary Sewer Improvements (VP015320)

HRSD and the City of Norfolk Department of Utilities are working together to begin a strategic program to replace, upgrade and relocate sanitary sewer pump stations and the connecting pipelines in the Larchmont Neighborhood. This program, made possible through wastewater collection and wastewater treatment fees, will protect public health by reducing the risk of sewer spills during large rainfall events.

Sewer Connection


HRSD and the City adopted the Larchmont Comprehensive Sanitary Sewer Master Plan in early 2020. In this plan, both parties agreed to replace or rehabilitate aging wastewater infrastructure at the same time to minimize community impacts and maximize value to customers. Working together at every stage of the program also provides a cost savings to customers through shared design, construction efforts, and program management. By performing these needed infrastructure improvements simultaneously, the neighborhood experiences construction impacts only once, lessening the overall disruption to daily life.

Initial plans regarding the design of this program were previously available on this website; however, due to escalating construction costs, the City of Norfolk and HRSD are currently conducting value engineering efforts for this project. This value engineering process will ensure that we are providing the Larchmont community with an improved and enhanced sanitary sewer system at the lowest cost.

Revised designs and project cost are expected in Fall 2022 and will be shared here on this project web page and at future civic and community group meetings.


December 7, 2021 - Survey Notice

November 24, 2021 - Soil Borings Notice

October 27, 2021 - Demolition Notice

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