HRSD's P3 Division is responsible for regulating hundreds of commercial and industrial facilities through enforcement of HRSD's Industrial Wastewater Discharge Regulations. Approximately 130 industrial dischargers have active direct wastewater discharge permits and approximately 50 waste haulers hold active indirect wastewater discharge permits. The permits specify effluent limitations and waste types; self-monitoring, metering and reporting requirements; and special conditions.

Permit compliance is monitored through unannounced grab sampling of wastewater discharge, work week sampling surveys, periodic inspection of facilities and records, and self-monitoring by the industry. Permit violations are responded to as outlined in the HRSD P3 Enforcement Response Plan (ERP).

All dischargers of industrial wastewater into the HRSD sewerage system shall apply for a wastewater discharge permit unless HRSD determines that the wastewater has an insignificant impact on the system or the discharger can be regulated through HRSD Best Management Practices (BMP's).

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