"Old Buckroe Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement"
Bloxoms Corner Force Main Replacement
HRSD Capital Improvement Program Project (BH015900)

HRSD, your regional wastewater treatment utility, in coordination with the City of Hampton, is planning a project to replace existing HRSD and City sanitary sewer pipelines and public sewer service connections that are nearing the end of their useful life. This replacement project will also improve the system’s performance and ensure continued, reliable sewer service in the future.

The Old Buckroe Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement project is located in the Buckroe section of Hampton. The project consists of replacing approximately 5,900 feet of 8-inch sewer pipe with 12-inch sewer pipe along Old Buckroe Road and Buckroe Avenue from Foxhill Road to Seaboard Avenue and replacing approximately 450 linear feet of 20-inch sewer pipe along Foxhill Road. The proposed new pipe will also connect to an existing pipe in Colonial Acres Drive from the City of Hampton Pump Station 033. The work for this project will take place on the following roads and associated intersections: Old Buckroe Road, Foxhill Road, Silver Isles Boulevard, Buckroe Avenue, and Seaboard Road.

A primary concern with this project is the disruption of traffic within Old Buckroe Road. As part of the comprehensive traffic control developed to minimize traffic disruption, a combination of flagging and detours will be used where necessary to help direct traffic. Disruptions to traffic will be minimized primarily through the use of a detour of Old Buckroe Road. A single lane of traffic with flagging will be maintained for local traffic along Old Buckroe Road throughout the project.

Project Cost: $4.900,000

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