In adherence with Governor of Virginia Executive Order Number Seventy-Two (2020) and CDC recommendations of physical distancing to minimize the spread and exposure to COVID-19, all meetings of the HRSD Commission, including subcommittees, will be virtual meetings held via Zoom until further notice. Agendas are posted three business days prior to each scheduled meeting.

The opportunity to observe and/or address regular meetings (see schedule below) through Zoom will be available by reservation. Please email Commission Secretary, Jennifer Cascio at for details. Meeting observation requests must be received by noon the day before the scheduled meeting. The Commission reserves the right to limit comments to three minutes per person.

Citizens who would like to provide public comment related to any portion of the agenda or general HRSD operations but prefer not to address the Commission during the meeting may submit comments to Jennifer Cascio via email to or by phone to 757.460.7003. Comments must be received by noon the day before the scheduled meeting. These comments will be read into the record during the meeting and addressed by the Commission as appropriate.

Unless otherwise announced, the HRSD Commission meets at 9:00 a.m. on the fourth Tuesday of each month, with the exception of December when the Commission meets on the third Tuesday.

01/26/2021 Regular Meeting Final Final MP4
02/23/2021 Regular Meeting Final Final M4A
03/04/2021 Finance Committee Final Final M4A
03/23/2021 Regular Meeting Final Draft M4A
04/15/2021 Finance Committee Final Draft M4A
04/27/2021 Regular Meeting Final    
05/25/2021 Regular Meeting      
06/22/2021 Regular Meeting      
07/27/2021 Regular Meeting      
08/24/2021 Regular Meeting      
09/28/2021 Regular Meeting      
10/26/2021 Regular Meeting      
11/23/2021 Regular Meeting      
12/21/2021 Regular Meeting      

* Electronic Meeting in Accordance with Chapter 1289 of the 2020 Acts of Assembly


For meeting minutes prior to the years above, please contact the Commission Secretary at 757.460.7003 or